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‘Sukarya’ Is A GuideStar India Platinum Certified NGO.

‘Sukarya’ is a GuideStar India Platinum certified NGO and is an accredited member of ‘Credibility Alliance for Desirable Norms’.

Sukarya’ has differentiated itself on the basis of transformative work undertaken over the last 25 years across more than 760 villages and 190 slums in Delhi, Haryana and Rajasthan, making a difference to more than 7 million lives, comprising, amongst others

(a) Improving Maternal Child Health Nutrition through advocacy promotion and provision of primary healthcare, reproductive healthcare and family planning with a special emphasis on issues of anemia and malnutrition;

(b) Slum children (of ages 6 to 14 years), by providing non-formal education to these children who have never been to school before, by enabling a mobile school to come to their doorstep;

(c) Adolescent girls (of ages 11 to 19 years), by educating, empowering and protecting under Gender Equality program; and

(d) Village women, by economically empowering and enabling them through self-help groups involved in grinding, processing and packaging of spices, cereals and pickles.

Maternal Child Health Nutrition & Adolescent Health

Improving Maternal Child Health Nutrition & Adolescent Health has been an integral part of Sukarya’s mission since 1998. A comprehensive approach is adopted for each of our projects, as nutritional issues are not just about lack of food and resources but also about lack of access, knowledge, information, dietary habits, socio-cultural dynamics, and gender aspects.

Working on both demand and supply verticals to ensure effective results, it adopts community friendly approaches and strategies like participatory planning, involvement of men and significant others, involving key community stakeholders, using visual display tools, simple medication and home cooked food, rigorous follow-up, modified traditional practices, couple counselling, referrals, partnering with government and providing prompt solutions to individuals.

Meera says – Food and Nutrition is the most powerful tool to change the current world situation that has happened because of the pandemic. It is absolutely essential to avoid hunger crisis, malnutrition and other related aftereffects. It is our foremost priority to tackle hunger and malnutrition right now especially due to the pandemic. Organizations involved in the social development sector, funding agencies and corporates should be involved in the delivery of services with a strong sense of duty and work in a time-bound and accountable manner.

Let us pledge to commit, collaborate and contribute  to fight hunger and malnutrition right now to avoid to the  a humanitarian crisis.